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Welcome to my wee corner of the world. I am a college student currently attending Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, studying Ministry to Women (let me tell ya, this major is a life changer... ask me about it sometime!!) with an interdisciplinary of Communications (woo-hoo!! We love creativity!!). 

This is my lil' nook where words are strung to together to form thoughts, beliefs, opinions. I pray & dream to paint word pictures of reality in a world that too often leaves us broken & confused.

If I'm honest with myself (& you) I kinda really lack commitment. So who knows what I'll ultimately be posting here and what you can expect to find~~ but for sure you'll [probably/most likely] get a splash of creativity, some dog pics along the way, mouth-watering food inspiration, and most definitely lil' old me and a whole lot of Jesus!! 

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Wow, how worship truly transforms your heart. If you need the reminder, there is a reason God commands us to sing to Him and humble ourselves in adoration of His presence!!
"In our day and age we live in a world consumed by beauty-- we love creativity and sharing our personal artistic expression has never been easier. But here's the thing: we cannot allow the beauty surrounding us to be our source of our worth and value."

Maybe my soul needed this- this time home, doing classes online. All of the sudden, with normalcy ripped away, I am finding love in doing the things that only a couple weeks ago brought stress and pressed into my "precious time." And now? Time is weird in this season. This social distancing and shelter in place has made rapid change...

"If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world."

-C.S. Lewis

It's the little things...

...Every Good & Perfect Gift